Hi there! I'm Ken.

I'm an automotive livestreamer — people on the internet watch me work on rusty old cars.

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The Cars

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

the original rust bucket

Purchase price: $6000

Purchase location: Hazelhurst, Wisconsin

Purchase date: Dec 21st, 2016

Mileage: 196,000 (~65k on engine, ~20k on transmission? maaaaybe?)

Origin story: I originally bought this van so I could go on the milennial's instagram dream - a mega epic cross-country road trip to visit all the US national parks in an old VW van. After dropping the engine/transmission, resealing the fuel tank, and working on it for 8 months, I swore that I would sell it as soon as it was running again.

The plan:The van runs and drives, but has an overheating issue, and doesn't have power steering. And I'm not going to sell it - Syncros are crazy valuable, so I'm going to hold onto it until I'm ready to take that big life adventure.

2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

the daily driver

Purchase price: $6300

Purchase location: Tacoma, WA

Purchase date: like....sometime in 2015?

Mileage: 152,500, and getting higher every day

Origin story: When I was living in Washington, I had a 1999 Subaru Outback, which was dying due to head gaskets and a whole bunch of other issues. I've always really liked the GC8-body Subarus, and finally got the chance to pick one up. This car has been with me through thick and thin - lots of winding mountain roads, lots of apartment moves, lots of friends :)

The plan: It's about time for me to move on from this car. The first-gen 2.5RS is crazy desirable, but only if it's stock, which means that I don't want to modify the car and reduce its value - which kind of defeats the purpose of owning cars for me. I'm going to keep driving it until Avocado Toast is ready to be the daily driver, then it's time to sell.

1999 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

avocado toast

Purchase price: $600. No joke.

Purchase location: Littleton, CO

Purchase date: October 2017

Mileage: 173,000

Origin story: I was basically done with the major work on the Vanagon, and I knew that I was going to want another project car, so I saw this car for $900 on Craigslist nearby. Told the guy I'd pay $500, eventually settled on $600. Clutch is nonexistent, head gaskets need to get done, exhaust is rusted onto the frame, and the entire car is covered in white dog hair. No, I mean covered. Every square inch has white dog hair on it.

The plan: Turn it into the daily driver! Gotta do clutch, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, timing belt, water pump, then we start modifying this car as much as humanly possible - tires, arduino HVAC system, coilovers, wheel fenders, paint, headlights, GPS tracking, alarm system, keyless entry, everything. Then, we swap an EJ207 from a JDM half-cut in it.

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